Troyee Software : Installation Procedure details

Troyee software is a native Accounting-Inventory Software developed in Bangladesh. Troyee accounting software in bangladesh is the flagship product having three domain qualities: Simple, Reliable & Flexible. This is why its name is Troyee.

Troyee software is not only backed by a group of motivated software developers, a good number of professionals of the respective area also are putting their regular inputs for further improvement. It required about three and a half years to shapeup basic Troyee software.

Here are the Steps to install Troyee software (Enterprise Edition) in your computer:

Phase-1: Check the configuration of your computer:

Server: Ideal Configuration: Dell PowerEdge ™ T20 Xeon Processor Server
Dell Optiplex 3020MT 4th Gen i5 [RAM 8GB Required]

Work Station(s): Ideal configuration:

Intel Core i3 (3GHz) Processor, with Original Intel Motherboard, DVD-Writer; Minimum RAM 2GB; Disk Space 10GB; Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Windows7/8.

Or, it may be a similar/better configuration of any available source.

Phase-2: Insert the Troyee accounting software in bangladesh installation CD in the CD-ROM Drive and find Troyee-Enterprise Server Installer

Phase-3: Double-Click on the Set-up Exe and follow the directions those appear in the screen:

Troyee software

Click the “Next” buttons, following screens will appear:

Troyee software


Troyee software






Now, SQL Server Desktop Engine is getting installed. It will take some time. After completion, the following screen will appear:





And, this is the doorway of Troyee accounting software in Bangladesh !!

Double Click on this icon, for installation of the first company, you will get a window to incorporate detail information of the company. Please insert those as follows:

Company ID
Company ID is built-in in the software to identify each company and this can’t be changed

Branch ID
Branch ID is also built-in in the software to identify each branch no need to make any change

Company Name & Address1, Address2
Insert name of your company & address that you want to have in the header of all reports

Country, Telephone, Fax
Insert applicable information

Copy Existing Company’s Chart of Accounts
In case of installing 2nd or 3rd company, this option facilitates to copy chart of A/c from the previous one

Integrate Accounts with Inventory
This option facilitates to select choice of maintaining business; either Accounts with Inventory (‘Yes’ Option) or Accounts only (‘No’ Option). Accounts with Inventory include stock but Accounts only skip inventory.

Default Currency
Here, the user has to select the currency that is used as base currency (for our country: BDT- Bangladeshi Taka) by the company

Business Type
This option facilitates to select the type of business nature. Selection of business type inserts a built-in predefined Chart of Accounts as per the nature of the selected business type. Initially, select “Trading Company”.

Financial Year From & Financial Year To
The starting and ending date for the financial year of the company for which setup is attempted. To do this, just write down the required date without any special characters (/ or -). Example: 01072015 for 01-07-2015 and 30062015 for 30-06-2015.

Note: In Troyee accounting software in Bangladesh it is possible to use unlimited financial years. That’s why it is not required to block financial year within a Year or months.

Multiple Branch
If any company have branch offices in addition to the head office, then activation of this option will enable to maintain detail of branch accounting & inventory.

Use Access Control
This option will activate the configuration facility of creating Users and distributing their access permission and using rights. At, initial stage, keep this option as ‘No’.

Here, the user can mention any comments for the period.

Then, click on Install Button to install the company you have created. To open the newly installed company, you will have to select from Tools>Select Company. Now, the vast software Troyee accounting software Bangladesh will open with most of the options and is ready for all sorts of transactions.

In order to install another or more companies, you will have to go through Tools>Install Company, and follow the steps as described above. This way, Troyee Software facilitates maintaining accounts & inventory of multiple companies & multiple branches.

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