Attendance, Leave & Payroll Management System

  • Set up of Basic Information & HR Policy on Troyee

Division Configuration for separate weekend identification; Division, Department, Designation, Grade, Group, Qualification, Religion Punishment Type etc. configuration both in English & Bengali

Employee configuration for Officer, Worker, Staff and Others with detail personal information; Set up of inter department employee transfer facility, Punishment options, Promotion opportunity, Salary increment facility, Re-join facility, Employee Separation etc.

Configuration of different types of Leave, Holiday, Weekend (Division-wise, Employee and period specific), Configuration of Earn Leave generation conditions

Attendance data import from attendance machine date-wise, Manual Attendance entry, Bonus set up for festival month, Advance salary entry for employees and adjustment schedule, Payroll generation in every month, Bonus generation for festival month, Holiday Generation for every month, Separation of Resigned, Dismissal, Terminated or Discharged employees

  • Reports

Employee ID print, Inter department Transfer Statement, Transfer letter print, Increment Statement, Increment letter, Rejoined Employee Statement, Total Manpower Report, Employee Appraisal based on factors fixed by the Management, New Recruitment Report, Recruitment Panel List, Separation Statement, Separation Letter, Employee Insurance for New and Separated Employee, Appointment Letter for new Employee, Profile for all Employee, Employee Status

Job Card  (Month-wise/Division-wise/Department-wise & Individual Employee), Job Card In time information, Late Information, Late information for Launch Period, Daily Absent Information, Daily Attendance Information, Daily Attendance Information for multiple In time and Out time, Daily Out time missing Information, Daily Overtime Information, Daily Employee movement Register, Daily Attendance Analysis (Present/Absent/Leave), Overtime Sheet for Second Sheet (after two hours to next three hours) and Third Sheet (after total Five hours), Detail attendance Sheet (Month-wise/Division-wise/Department-wise), Leave Statement (Department/Division wise)

Pay Slip in English/Bengali for All/Individual Employee (Month-wise/Division-wise/Depart-wise), Monthly Salary Sheet In English/Bengali for All/Individual Employee (Division-wise/Depart-wise), Festival Bonus Sheet, Holiday Allowance Sheet, Earn Leave Statement, Final Settlement form in English/Bengali for any Particular Employee