Implementation of Business Needs in the Software

It is more important to assess the expertise of the software implementers than how good the solution is!

It is of utmost importance to examine that in how many organizations their implementation was successful. It is often observed that all feature of the software do not require configuring or activate to manage business operations of many of the companies. Again, activation of full feature does not cover maintaining of all activities of some companies. So, without in depth knowledge and experience it is not possible to maximize the use of software. Companies who only deal sales & implement of software solutions developed by other companies do not know detail of the software and fail to maximize the use of software.

Strength of the Experts of Troree Team for Implementation of the software

Implementation team of Troyee are unique of their kind. They have very strong and wide domain knowledge in different business category. They dig, probe until understand customers’ needs perfectly. They enjoy continuous research in maximizing incorporation of manual process into automation by eliminating duplication of works. They became trustworthy as a result of their knowledge, experience and sinceredevotion.

So, you can easily trust Troyee team as your “Trusted Team of Choice” when compare with others.

Steps of Implementation works

Following are the steps of business process implementation:

– Detail discussion on existing work process
– Guideline to prepare Chart of Accounts as per company’s businessTransaction &Requirements
– Entry of Accounts Heads with Opening Balance
– Relevant Training for hands-on practice

– Detail discussion on existing Inventory System
– Guide line to prepare the Chart of Inventory as per requirement
– Entry the Chart of Inventory in the software with Opening
– Relevant Training for hands-on practice

– Checking of Chart of Accounts & correction (if any)
– Checking of Chart of Inventory & correction (if any)
– Implementation of other feature as per scope of software & requirements
– Relevant Training for hands-on practice