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Accounting software in Bangladesh: Accounting is the backbone of any commercial business. As known to all any business requires an accountant. Some businesses go ahead and hire employees as their accountants and then there are some businesses that outsource their accounting to accounting firms. In both scenarios, it is proved that any business requires accounting. There are many companies that also invest in services provided to them by software for their accounting purposes. The accounting software in Bangladesh allows the users to store all the information or it can be used just for calculation purposes.

The only small issue in this is that the user should be very fluent with this software because if they are not then the software may become a task to consume for the business. So the software should be very easy to use. Troyee accounting inventory software in Bangladesh is the easiest accounting software for all kinds of users. Troyee is simply flexible to use for any business.

The other glitch is that if the business is dependent on the software for accounting it’s very important to always have a backup copy of the work done or there may be a huge risk to deal with if there is any loss of data. Troyee accounting software Bangladesh allows you to make your daily tasks very easy; however, it also carries a lot of risks as well.

The Accounting software in Dhaka Bangladesh available in the market can be used as a helping hand or as an accounting advice tool. If there are certain transactions that are not very clear for the accountant then the accounting software in BD can be of great help.

The best accounting software in Bangladesh can easily manage reports as well as bookkeeping for the business. So it will always be a benefit to invest in the best accounting tools Troyee accounting inventory software in Bangladesh.

For many accounting students, part-time jobs as an accountant is a very good idea before they enter the stream. Nowadays many students prefer to learn the Troyee accounting software and become completely savvy with it so that they do not have to test their brains with any kind of calculation.

Troyee accounting software in BD does it for them and they can get the job done faster with less effort and with less worry about not able to study for their

Accounting software in Bangladesh is indirectly a boon to the commerce industry as they make the work very easy and shareable. Since the accounting software in Dhaka, Bangladesh is present on the computer it can also be shared very easily with the members of the business or the business owners.

A lot of times there are accountants who outsource their work to accountants who are accounting software savvy in Bangladesh as the work gets done very quickly at
a very nominal price.

As for hard copies, the Best accounting software in Bangladesh Troyee not only stores the work done in the hard disk drive but also allows its user to take printouts. Hence the users do not need to worry about the loss of data if they keep printing the work done by Troyee accounting software Bangladesh.

Small, medium, or large, any kind of business organization can use Troyee accounting software as their daily accounting solution.

Specification of Integrated Software Solution-Troyee

Major Modules of Troyee
1. Accounts
2. Purchase/Procurement
3. Inventory with Manufacturing
4. Sales
5. Payroll
6. Post-dated Bank Cheque Management (PDC)
7. Target & Achievements
8. Branch or Project Accounts & Inventory

Basic Features of the Software-

01. All Modules of the Solution are integrated with each other

02. Can handle Multiple Project/Branch with all Financial Statements

03. Can handle Multiple Locations with Location-wise various Reports

04. Have options for Multiple Company with different Business Nature [Trading,Non-Trading (NGO), Manufacturing, Education Institute, Health-Care, POS etc.]

05. Can handle Group of Company and generate some financial statements like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Receipt Payment, Cash Flow (Indirect Method) etc.
for Group of Company

06. Can generate three levels Financial Statement i.e. Group of Company, Individual Company (multiple) and Branch/Project (multiple)

07. Can handle Multiple Currency

08. Have Barcode generation and use facility for Sales, Purchase & Inventory Module

09. Have strong User Access Control for all modules (Provide password security at multiple levels, e.g., User, Operation, Menu, Entry, Edit, Delete, Screen, etc.)

10. Have Company-wise Login & Logout facility

11. Facility of Log Report for all Add, Edit, Delete transactions in a secure Audit Trail report only for the user as Administrator

12. Facility of creating unlimited level of Accounts Group & sub-Group

13. Facility of creating unlimited level of Inventory Group & sub-Group

14. Have configuring facility of Financial Period (Calendar Year or Fiscal Year) and multiple Financial year for each company

15. All Financial Statement/Report are generated by any date range within the Financial Period. All other reports from all modules are generated by any date
range within the Financial Period

16. Data Backup Facility: Data Backup is company wise and Financial Year wise. Is very handy, just click in backup button during closing the software. Backups are Date & Day name wise and overwrite on Day names. Special arrangement of creating two special backup on 15th & 30th of the month which will not be overwritten by any other backup. Last backup contain full master data and all transactions.

17. Data Restore Facility: Is very simple, just click in Restore button, selecting the file and warning screen for twice of overwriting on running data

18. Installation Process of the Software very easy. Set up EXE file can be carried in CD or Pen-Drive, copied one to another and installed by running exe file & following instructions shown in the pop-up screens. Shortcut Icon of the software is copied automatically on Desktop & double click on which open/run the software

19. Back-end, Front-End & Reporting Tools of the Software: Software Development Tools are compatible with Microsoft Windows & Crystal Reports as Reporting Tools

Other Common Feature of Troyee Accounting Software in Bangladesh

1. Troyee accounting software in Bangladesh is easy to configure and easy to learn than any
other accounting software in Bangladesh.
2. Troyee accounting software has Strong data Security Management
3. All Customize Reports
4. Data Back-up and Restore facility
5. Indigenous flavor in the color of Troyee- Red & Green

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Why our Entrepreneurs do not care local software firms… they prefer ‘international software’?

Protest on the face of foreign software traders WHO pull down image of NATIVE software to win over deals & establish NEGATIVE picture of our software industry- as a portrait of failure, inexperienced hands for development, false story of failure and failure, bogus story of cheat and cheat and so on… until the buyers express their opinion “Hm… this is our character”.

Thus, business for local software firms get critical and they have to spend most of their time to handle objections about their inexperienced hands for development, story of failure and then, have to prove their strength, capability, sincerity etc.

So, time to move is not over…

Accounting software in Bangladesh

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Rangs Group of Companies:
“Troyee integrated multi-company & multi user software includes general accounts, inventory, purchase & sales modules in Rangs Group of Companies. So far this software has been successfullyimplemented in 12 companies of different trading, manufacturing& non-trading under Rangs Group. Our users are much pleased”- Md. Rakibul Islam FCA, Finance Director, Rangs Group of Companies.

[Using from 18/11/2006, number of users are 102 in 11 branch locations thru both LAN & WAN connections]

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