Frequently Asked Questions About Troyee Software

In course of time, your business will expand with its speed & diversity. Software should be capable to accommodate all change/enhance requests. We believe that “Business operations should not run as software, rather software should be like business operations”. We have our own development team and are always ready to address change requests from our customers. Rangs Electronics (Sony), Gazi Tyre of Gazi Group, Star cable of Partex Group are some examples who started with our standard package software but later on, they customized the software as per their business needs.

Troyee is very popular among the users for its simplicity in operation. Troyee have three domain qualities: Simple, Reliable & Flexible and that is why it’s name is Troyee (as TROYEE means THREE). It’s interface is termed as Floating dashboard interface. Everything is on desktop, nothing hidden. No need for learn by memory. Navigation is very speedy as operations are both Keyboard and mouse based.

In each interface, there are three columns of buttons: Left side Master Buttons are for configuration of different options and also to create or insert new information (Head of Accounts, Items etc); Middle side Transaction Buttons are for all sorts of transactions and Right side Reports Buttons are to have reports (preview & print).

So, features are menu driven and entry modes in different vouchers are like replica of manual format. Hands-on practices of only few hours make users familiar with the software. Moreover, our training will make users CONFIDENT to operate the software fearlessly. Learning Curve is very low and Total Cost of Ownership in Long Run is also Low with respect to investment for hardware.

We have established a sustainable support system for the customers. From 2004 to till date, there are lots of our customers who are using our software years after years. Most of the customers had needed to change their Pcs 4-5 times (as hardware were damaged or outdated), but Troyee remained there unchanged. With updated hardware & updated Operating System they just installed updated Troyee software. Under service contract for any need just a telephone call; Troyee Care Team will solve your problems through online by interface sharing. Other than service contract, Case-to-Case support services are also available by making payment case-to-case for the services.

From birth of Troyee (2004) to till date, Troyee is still alive by competing foreign software and winning the heart of the customers with its own performance as well as performance of the team behind Troyee. Really, we see this as our achievement. We believe, your team also will be happy if we get the opportunity to render our services. 

Troyee is being used in variety of business sectors covering most of the businesses of TRADING, NON-TRADING (NOT for PROFIT), MANUFACTURING and SERVICE-PROVIDING companies. Till now, more than 7,000 installations have been done countrywide. You may have a look business sector-wise customer list in our website:

Yes, Troyee software support multiple companies under one Group and financial reports of all companies are generated separately in the same software. In addition to multiple company facility, Troyee have additional feature of multiple branches or projects facility under each company and you will get branch/project wise all financial reports. This feature has made Troyee software unique among other similar software.

The training methodology that we follow in training program is learned by us through our practices and experiences years after years. We conduct three sessions of training that may be done in one day or in three days (each day of 2/3 hours).

1st part of the training is creation & edit: we show users how to crate ledgers & items in the software with opening balances. Then, how to make edit or correction if they do any mistake during this creations. That’s all! They learn the creation & edit part of both accounts and inventory. Completion of the work depends on number of parties, suppliers, items etc.

2nd part of the training is transactions. We show them how to make entries of voucher: Purchase, Sales, Receive, Payment and Journal etc. How to make corrections if they make any mistake. That’s all! They learn the entry process.

We do not make creation, edit or entries. We only guide. As the users have to do all steps by their own – learning become perfect & they can make entries confidently. This process makes confident users.

3rd part of the training is Repots: Here there is nothing to do. All reports get generated automatically after making transactions. Only need to know how to preview reports and make prints or export to other formats.

You would be surprised to know that in outside Dhaka our Implementation Executive make journey at night, next day morning he meet user and within afternoon complete his works & come back Dhaka again by night journey. For next one/two weeks, required queries are met over phone or internet.

Yes, we make it happen that a total of 6/8 hrs orientation with live data or live example to learn the operation of the software. And, expertness will attain day-by-day not in the training sessions.

The issue of software warranty is as: We ensure Error Free Operation of the software from the date of delivery. However, if any problem observed, we shall undertake to correct the same within a mutually accepted reasonable time. Malfunctions due to misuse of the software or wrong reports due to incorrect entry from conceptual lacking shall not be deemed as defects of the software.

As windows based software have dependency on operating systems (OS), we cannot declare life-long warranty. As OS are changed/upgraded, software needs to upgrade with OS. Once, there were windows 97, 98, XP, Vista; then win 8, now win10. Software made compatible in XP are not compatible for win 10 if not made compatible. Due to this dependency on OS, if any one declares life-long warranty that is not actually correct.

Our present version is most suitable in server PC and do not require any online/cloud server.  Connectivity in between Head-office and factory or any remote location would be through Router and Private IP number.

For online storage you can use Google Drive space. Storage size depends on the volume of data that creates from the transactions. As we found- a company with 25 users, total no. of master 3578, total no. of transactions 1,59,572 in one year have a data backup of only 1GB in encrypted form; in zip format it would be more small, say, 100MB only. I hope you can guess the storage size from this example.

Required specification for server PC & client PCs are given in our proposal in the clause#16. As ready reference please find the same as follows:
Server: Ideal configuration: Intel Core i-5 with Original Intel Motherboard, DVD-Writer; Minimum RAM 8GB/16GB; Disk Space 20GB; Operating System: Windows Server2008 R2/ Windows Server 2012 r2.

In case of more than 25 users, we suggest Brand Server of HP or Dell or any other suitable brand.

Work Station(s): Ideal configuration: Intel Pentium (2.93MHz) Processor with Original Intel Motherboard, DVD-Writer; Minimum RAM 2GB; Disk Space 10GB; Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10.

Network Components: Switch, Cable & Connectors should be of any suitable brand.

WAN Connection: Static Broad band line (Real IP) of minimum 2/3 mbps for server and 128 kbps for each user from any suitable vendor.

Feature of scanning documents directly or adding any reference image with transactions is not present in this software.
Initially it was. When it was observed that adding image makes the data heavy and very slow during transactions in both LAN/WAN, the feature was withdrawn considering keeping the data light that ensure speedy operation of the software.

Yes, in Troyee there is a separate module to create Users and then User-wise the “Administrator” can set privileges for company, modules, master creation and transactions. User-wise you can set full or partial permission for transactions. You can set who can make entries, edit, delete etc. and who can’t. In addition there is “Audit Trail” report only for Administrator to see all sorts of actions like, entry, edit, delete etc. done by the users.

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