Training of the Software Users

During the days of implementation of business requirements in the software, step by step training is delivered to the users.

1st Session of 2/3 hours:

– Selection of Company & Financial Year
– Creation/Modification of Group, Sub-group, Ledger in Accounts (Including Suppliers & Customers) & Opening Balance Posting
– Creating Branch (Optional)
– Fixed Assets Module (Optional)
– Creating Currency and Updating Exchange Rate (Optional)
– Cost Center Configuration and Allocating them to Ledger (Optional)
– Creation/Modification of Group, Sub-group, Item Master and Opening Stock Positing

2nd Session of 2/3 hours:

– Inventory Grouping, Item Rate Posting, Unit Creation and Unit Relation
– Creation of Locations (if any) and Location Transfer (optional)
– Item Serial Number (optional)
– Purchase and Sales: Order/Challan/Invoice
– Voucher Entries (Receipt/Payment/Journal/Contra)
– Manufacturing Voucher Entry (optional)
– Manufacturing Process (Formula) and Log Entry (optional)
Accounts/Inventory Related Report Preview/Printing
– Data Backup and Restore Process

3rd Session of 2/3 hours:

– PDC – Entry and Applications (optional)
– Bank Reconciliation Statement: Entry and Report (optional)
– Application of Budget (optional)
– Report Analysis
– Creating User and User Access Rights
– One or Two days Live Data Entry