Feature of Troyee-Provident Fund Management Software

Master: Branch, Group, Ledger, Voucher, Types, Currencies, Cost Categories, Cost  Centre, Investment Configure.
Transaction: Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Journal Voucher, Contra Voucher, Bank Reconciliation
Reports: Accounts Book, Trial Balance, Receipt & Payment, Final Accounts, BRS Report,Post Dated Cheque, Cost Centre Report, Investment Schedule, Compare Report.

PF Menu:
Master: Department, Designation, Separation Cause, Final Settle Rule, Employee PF Nominee, Import Master, Import Nominee, Import Opening Data, Exclude Interest
Transaction: Receipt PF, Income Distribution, Final Settlement, Import PF, Final  Payment
Reports: Distribution Report, Final Settlement, PF Statement, Due to Company, Final Payment, Member Schedule, PF Certificate, Forfeiture Account, Unsettle-1, Unsettle-2

Loan Menu:
Master: Ledger
Transaction: Loan Amortizer
Reports: Loan Disbursement, Loan Realization, Loan Outstanding

Tools Menu: Install Company, Edit Company, Delete Company, Options, Statistics, Find TransactionMaintenance

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