Price Quotation & Terms-Conditions of Troyee Accounting-Inventory Software (DeskTop Version)

Price Quotation for DESK TOP Software & other Services

Price quotation is available on request through the email:

For this, you are requested to let us know your plan in the following manner:

(1) Name of the Software Edition:
(Example-Troyee-Enterprise Edition or other Edition)

(2) Number of PCs to be installed:
(Example-ONE PC; 1+ User Access Option or FIVE PCs; 5+ User Access Option or more)

(3) Number of Persons to be trained:
(Example-ONE or TWO or FIVE or more)

(3) Mode of training:

(4) Number of Locations/Branches where software would be used:
(Example-ONE or TWO or more)

(5) For Network version- mode of Networking:
(Example-LAN or WAN or both LAN & WAN)

A. Delivery and installation of the software
On receipt of valid work order delivery of the software would be made from ready stock in a box containing Software CD, User Guide & Registration Card. If hardware, networks etc. are ready, installation would be initiated online or by physical presence in required PC/Pcs and registration activation would be done remotely.

B. Mode of Payment
Price for software and other services should be made along with work order. All payments should be made in favor of the JAGORI Technologies only.

C. Training & Implementation
Onsite or Online, Individual or Group training for 03 (Three) sessions; each session of 2/3 hrs. and in a single location as per our prescribed training outline.

Training assistance: hands-on training to the users for configuration of the software at different entry level, voucher entry procedure and reporting.
Implementation assistance: assistance in preparing the structure of chart of accounts, chart of inventory etc. and also to incorporate the same in the software

(For faster implementation, we strongly recommend to prepare lists of Account Heads (all Ledgers with opening balances), Accounts Groups, Stock Items (with quantity & rate), Stock Groups/Category, Sales Price etc. MS-Excel).

For further training, the time frame may be extended with mutual discussion until the users be familiar or satisfied. Physical Training & Implementation program at outside Dhaka is usually arranged as crashed-program for 1/2 day(s). In such case, in addition to training cost it will require to arrange transport or bear cost for traveling, accommodation, food etc. for the respective days.

D. Support Services for Smooth Operation of the Software
It is evident that in course of time some problems might arise due to mal-functioning of hardware, networking and operating systems or from the software itself initiating from mistaken entries because of conceptual lacking or some other unknown reasons. So, it is wise to bestow care-taking responsibilities to the Troyee Care Team through Annual Support Service & Maintenance Contract (ASMC).

Under ASMC, just a phone call, Troyee Care Team will be at your service with their care-taking hands. Other than ASMC, further support services are also available as ‘Case-to-Case Service Provision’ at Troyee office site or through internet by remote access in all the working days between 10:00 hours to 18:00 hours. For each support issue, a lump-sum service cost would be charged depending on support type.

In case of failure of hardware where the software was installed, along with the hardware the software also get damaged. Though it require to purchase new hardware, it will not require to purchase the software again. It will require to setup the software and restore data backups in the new hardware. To accomplish this work, a lump-sum service cost would be charged for erasing the software from old PC or collecting old hard drive as record, install the software in the new PC, issuance of new registration number, restoration of data backup files (if any) and establishing LAN/WAN connectivity (if any).

E. Customization: Change Management at both Entry Level & Report Level
Customization is an ongoing policy to deliver enhanced facility to the users. Feasibility of all Change Requests (CR) are evaluated by the development team of the Software. As per their findings, customization is possible through detail discussion and mutual understanding.

F. Update & Upgrade
Any update and up-gradation/modernization or version change of the software in the same platform will be provided as per Developer’s policy.

G. Data Backup & Restore
The best method for data backup is the SON, FATHER, GRANDFATHER SCHEME OF BACKUP. That is, the same backup must be taken on three different unconnected locations (separate directory of server, different PC, extra hard disk or in cloud) and maintained independently referred to as Son, Father and Grandfather. If at any time, Mother fails (the drive where the software is installed), the Son backup can be used. If Son backup fails at any time the Father backup can be used. If the Father backup fails the Grandfather backup may still be used.

We strongly suggest to take backup regularly on separate directory or in pen drive or extra portable hard disk. Troyee authority do not keep End User data backup with them at their end. So, we do not own the responsibility of any Company’s data. If at any time any corruption happen in data Troyee Care Team would initiate repair the data or restore the data from the backup.

Taking backup is very handy, just click in backup button during closing the software. The extension of backup file is .DAT. File name is company wise and Financial Year wise. Backups are generated Date & Day name wise and overwrite on Day names. Special arrangement of creating two special backup on 15th & 30th of the month which will not be overwritten by any other backup. Last backup contain full master data and all transactions. Data Restore Facility is also very simple, just click in Restore button, selecting the file and warning screen for twice of overwriting on running data

H. Warranty for Error Free Operation of the Software
We ensure Error Free Operation of the software from the date of delivery. However, if any problem observed, we shall undertake to correct the same within a mutually accepted reasonable time. Malfunctions due to misuse of the software or wrong reports due to incorrect entry from conceptual lacking shall not be deemed as defects of the software.

I. Non-Disclosure Understanding
This proposal implies the non-disclosure understanding which restricts either party to disclose any information to the third party of this proposal or any information, which is confidential to the other party.

J. Employment Restriction
Both the parties will restrain from employing other’s employee within one year from the discontinuation of the service from respective organization.

K. Suggestions for Hardware, Operation System & Network Components
Server: Ideal configuration: Intel Core i-5 with Original Intel Motherboard, DVD-Writer; Minimum RAM 8GB/16GB; Disk Space 20GB; Operating System: Windows Server2008 R2/Windows Server 2012 r2.
In case of more than ten users, we suggest Brand Server of HP or Dell or any other suitable brand, such as; Dell PowerEdge ™ T20 Xeon Processor Server :- RAM 8GB
Work Station(s): Ideal configuration: Intel Pentium (2.93MHz) Processor with Original Intel Motherboard, DVD-Writer; Minimum RAM 2GB; Disk Space 10GB; Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7/10.
Network Components: Switch, Cable & Connectors should be of any suitable brand.
WAN Connection: Broad band line of minimum 128 kbps for each user with real IP from any suitable vendor.

L. Validity
Price & other conditions remain valid up to 30(Thirty) Days from the date of issuance of this letter.

M. Cost for Support Services for Standalone, Network Edition in LAN/WAN Environment

Continuing support service are available from Troyee Customer Care Team through Annual Support Service & Maintenance Contract (ASMC).

Annual Support Service & Maintenance Contract (ASMC) start after one month from the date of software installation.

The cost for support service depends on software Editions/Versions and the number of users. 

This is payable in advance for each service year and is renewable every year by mutual settlement.

Other than ASMC, further support services are also available as ‘Case-to-Case Service Provision’ at Troyee office site or through internet by remote access in all the working days between 10:00 hours to 18:00 hours. 

Hardware Change or Replacement: In case of change of hardware where the software was installed initially and it requires installing the software in new hardware, an additional service cost would be charged for erasing the software from old PC , installation of the software in a new PC, issuance of new registration number, restoration of backup files (if any), establishing LAN/WAN connectivity (if any).

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